Sunday, 20 May 2012

Tast Bullion Stitch
Week 20
Well I did not know when I started this Tast I would learn so many new stitches and so many different ways of using them. For some really good examples go to Sharon's web site here.
 My selection of bullion stitch. A versatile stitch many comments on it being worm like. I can see this but also roses of which I have not mastered yet. With a bit of experiment I like the way that if you do not pull the stitch to tight when putting it in its place you can make it curl.I can see that with a bit more practice it may be possible to manipulate it more.

A close up of my stitch the needle that I used for the long straight bullion is 1.1/2 inches, and the straight bullion is 1 inch. I also used this needle with the green thread and it curled really nicely. The pink is wool and I think it loses the lines. The blue and red are two threads mixed together.


  1. Hi Pippa, I love bullion stitch and I have tried many times to do it but I am still trying, yours look great already, this stitch always looks good on crazy patch so I would love to be able to do it, well done you!

  2. It's impressive to compare the lenght of the needle and that long bullion! Well done!

  3. Cute bullions, I like the green ones most. I also stitched some bullions with wool for the first time. For me they worked better if I wrapped my thread counter clockwise, maybe it would work for you too.

  4. great variety of stitches Pippa,have done quite a bit with bullions but not for quite a while and struggled to get back into getting them even,must do more.Interesting Annet says to ind anticlockwise will have to try that.
    You must have wrapped and wrapped and wrapped the green one to great effect.

  5. I too can't believe how many stitches I'm learning through the TAST challenges and we're only on week #21!! I really like your green curly bullions and the the variegated ones look neat as well :)

  6. I love the way you have experimented with the bullion stitch. It really is a versatile stitch once you master it.