Sunday, 20 May 2012

Tast Bullion Stitch
Week 20
Well I did not know when I started this Tast I would learn so many new stitches and so many different ways of using them. For some really good examples go to Sharon's web site here.
 My selection of bullion stitch. A versatile stitch many comments on it being worm like. I can see this but also roses of which I have not mastered yet. With a bit of experiment I like the way that if you do not pull the stitch to tight when putting it in its place you can make it curl.I can see that with a bit more practice it may be possible to manipulate it more.

A close up of my stitch the needle that I used for the long straight bullion is 1.1/2 inches, and the straight bullion is 1 inch. I also used this needle with the green thread and it curled really nicely. The pink is wool and I think it loses the lines. The blue and red are two threads mixed together.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Tast 19
Half Chevron

 This is a lovely stitch their are so many different  combinations. I have been looking at how others have used this stitch will defiantly be using some of those.  Look on Pintangle Here take a stitch-tuesday

Just realised that I have not put up the wheatear stitch so here it is. 



Sunday, 6 May 2012

Tast week 18
Crossed Buttonhole stitch

Sharon's blog pintangle tast


Close up of crossed buttonhole stitch. I like the way that when looked at from a distance on from on top it looks like cross stitch but you have a surprise when you look close up.

 I have used this for couching different shapes and it seem to work well. I like the different effects you can get just by changing the stitch length. A good one for my crazy quilt.