Monday, 7 October 2013

August CQJP2013

August Crazy patchwork finished. link to cqjp2013.blogspot.

 Theme for this block is herringbone.
I have used Threaded, tied, double, couched down with bullion and french knots, detached chain, and cross stitch.
Top blue is herringbone and I couched down some of the threads with bullion stitch and french knots. Directly underneath is double herringbone.
Far right plain herringbone next to that I have tied herringbone. Then threaded herringbone.

Along the top I have tied herringbone with a  bit of a variation instead of tied by the loops I pulled the loops down all to the same level so that it looks like a line, it changes the look of the stitch completely.

  I am still playing about with ideas. I hate to spend a lot of time and effort into something if I cannot find a use for it. Thought it would be okay just to learn stitches and technique, but it is not working. Really do need a theme or purpose for these blocks. I have thought about making them into bags. or cushions or covering Mums small fabric chest. Still pondering will have to decide later. I love sewing these blocks.