Saturday, 29 December 2012

Happy New Year to you all

Well that is it nearly to the end of another year, I have scraped through with only a few close shaves.
I  have made some wonderful friends along the way. It is almost a year since I created this blog, it has helped me to put into words what I love about my sewing. I know this needs to improve, also up dating my blog. These are projects I will be hoping to achieve in the New Year. 
I have so enjoyed all of my sewing project. 
I have caught up with my Tast stitches organised by Sharon at pintangle.  Also completed my 12 CQJP 

The bottom right contains the latest 3 Tast stitches Buttonhole Eyelet Flower, Berry stitch and Knotted Chain Cable. The rest of the CQJP I have used herringbone, french knots portugues border, bonnet and chevron stitches.
Both projects have been wonderful as I have learnt so much. Looking forward to learning a lot more as Sharon is continuing with Tast in a slightly different format.
I came second in my first every competition which was organised by Quay Quilters, a local group I belong to.  We needed to select something that reminded us of childhood. I thought so hard and in the end came up with this, can you guess who it is?
  It is a Quillow.      ( Quilt that folds up into a pillow) it has a fleece backing so technically it cannot be called a Quilt,so I am told, as it does not have three layers. I do not care I love them and they are so warm.
Well have you guessed yet? When I was a child we used to go to a fair organised by Old Hertfordians Rugby Club. Called the Yogi Bear Fair. I loved the fair and in the winter months loved to watch the rugby. I was 1 week old when I was taken to my first rugby match my Dad was the captain of Pinner RC at the time, we went every week and as I grew older I used to run up and down the side line trying to keep up with my Dad. When we moved to Ware Dad was a qualified Ref. that was how we got involved with OHRC  They were magical times for me.

See you all in the New Year Thank you to everyone who has come by and left comments.

Friday, 28 December 2012

November CQJP

Rattling through these Tast stitches Pintangle link here . Loved the Portuguese border stitch and the magic chain. I think the arrowhead stitch needs to be on a more counted thread work. Needle Picot open and closed would be good with a combination of other stitches.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

October CQJP

I have included my TAST stitches I tried Beaded Hedebo Edge I used two different sizes of beads I prefer the larger beads. Knotted Loop Stitch, Italian Knotted Border stitch, and Buttonhole Wheel Cups. All of these stitches can be found on Sharons web for Tast 
Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas Day and enjoy the rest of your holidays.