Saturday, 12 May 2012

Tast 19
Half Chevron

 This is a lovely stitch their are so many different  combinations. I have been looking at how others have used this stitch will defiantly be using some of those.  Look on Pintangle Here take a stitch-tuesday

Just realised that I have not put up the wheatear stitch so here it is. 




  1. wonderful experiments with this stitch.

  2. I enjoyed the half chevron stitch too as you say we can do so much with it, will be using it in the future, also loved your fluffy wheatear Pippa
    Many thanks for your comments on my blog Pippa, still not understanding it fully,not sure how I get in touch when people leave comments so I am doing it when I comment on their work, does this make sense?

  3. Like you I enjoyed this stitch so many variations to it, will certainly be using it again. Also liked the wheatear, the fluffy one works well.
    Still not sure what I am doing Pippa, have not worked out how I reply to the comments made on my blog, hopefully this will get to you, thanks for your comments.

    1. I think to reply to a comment you have to go to your view blog and hit the reply button. I hope this works. I will leave a comment on your blog so that you can have a go. When you put a picture on the blog if you click on it you can add a caption and move it to the right or left. Hope this helps.

  4. see the first comment has been published, added a second as it said it could not publish the origional!