Friday, 22 June 2012

Tast weeks 21,22 and 24

I started this blog in an attempt to make myself write about anything really. I thought that by choosing stitches to write about it would help. What it has done is stopped me posting my stitches because I do not know what to say. So I think that I will post the photo's without putting pressure on myself to say a great deal about it all. It is the stitches which are important not what I have or have not got to say about it. 
Here is three week of tast stitches. 

Butterfly chain stitch

Knotted cretans

Buttonhole fan.

Sharon's blog Tast here


  1. Go Pippa Go! I shall cheer you on - keep posting, and do not worry about what to write - :D
    all shall be well!

  2. Like you Pippa I struggle with what to say but you always come up with lovely comments on our blogs so do not worry too much they say less is more, I have had that quoted on my sampler a few times and have taken it on board.
    Great to see you catch up stitches you have been busy.

  3. Thanks Pippa for your lovely comments on my blog. Not being a very wordy person I struggle sometimes with what to jot down on my blog as well and it's usually short and simple.