Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tast week 16
French Knots

 I just wanted to show you some of my treasures. They are only 3 inches in height.
  These are not my embroideries they were done by either my Grandmother or one of her sisters or  a cousin of hers. I cannot be sure as Mum had a lot of needlework given to her when her Aunts died.

This one is finished and is on display.
I have taken it out of the frame so that it may photograph better. The whole piece is done with single thread and the French knots are beautiful. 

Here it is again in the silver frame so it can sit in my living room.

  This piece has not been finished and I found it in an old needlework box with a whole load of threads. It does show me how she went about sewing this. The design has been painted on first, looks like water colour, onto silk. This has been tacked onto a very open weave fabric almost like a gauze, then embroidered on top, all in single thread.

 A closer view. I cannot get any closer as it distorts to much.

I hope you enjoyed these images I wanted to share them with you as I am so proud of what my relatives have done before me. I just hope that some of there skill is past down to me. 

They all died before the internet and did not get a chance to share, they were all a very sharing family.  


  1. lovely pictures!!
    hugs from Russia

  2. Treasure them, they are beautiful! Connie.

  3. They look lovely, thanks for sharing.

  4. Very nice job ! How lucky you are to inherit these treasures !

  5. Wow it's amazing : these embroideries are so old and the colors are so fresh, as they had being embroidered yesterday ! you are right when you say that it is a treasure.

  6. Hi Pippa. the embroideries are really special, no wonder you are proud of them they are so colourful and remind me of the cottage gardens I used to see in Worcestershire.

  7. You are indeed extremely lucky to have inherited such exquisite pieces of needlework. I collect vintage embroidered linen, but have never seen anything like that.