Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tast week 11 and 12

Whipped and woven wheels

Here are my whipped and woven wheels. They took a bit of getting used to and take a lot longer than I anticipated, I am pleased with the result will try a half wheel on my CQJP for March.


Close up

This is a close of my whipped and woven wheel.
It was from a pattern kindly donated by 
I am not yet able to just say link here so I have just copied and pasted her link.
All of this is only possible because of Sharon at
She has a new blog so I just copied and pasted again.

Barred and alternating barred chain
Not to sure when I shall use this stitch other than on my CQJP march block.
I do like to mess around with the stitches from Tast. I feel it is when I can really go overboard with the stitches and not have to worry about if they are even or well spaced.


  1. Hi Pippa, I have never seen the wheels before, they look greatdo they take a long time to do? you seem to be learning a lot from TAST.