Tuesday, 24 April 2012

 This is my March quilt detail. A tatted butterfly in a variegated thread, I love doing these.

Dorset button. My first one it is just buttonhole stitch and whipped wheel in the middle.

 These are my whipped wheels, running and barred chain stitches.

 The whole piece. 
I have used silk, cotton, some hand dyed and some recycled clothing.
The stitches are all from Tast Sharon's Pintangle I am going to try to put a link to her site pintangle 

My  knowledge of stitches is growing week by week and I am now starting to plan a bit more thinking of how to combine stitches colours and fabrics. All this because of Sharon's Tast and the  Crazy Quilt Journey Project. cqjp2012 It is a journey that I am enjoying very much indeed. Writing about is still a bit of a struggle but even that is getting better.  


  1. your tatted butterfly is beautiful, tatting is one of the many techniques I have tried but been un successful at! Also love the dorset buttons, have seen some beauties on stitchin fingers Hazel Roots is the name.

  2. Hi Pippa, I love your butterfly and button. Your stitches are beautiful you must be so pleased.

  3. Pippa, have found someone who is going to show me how to tat. Go to a group once a month at the library so will take my shuttle next time and hope the lady is there. You posted a comment about my updated blog but seem to have lost it. Read it but when I went back it said there was a comment clicked on it and it said no comments, maybe it will reappear again, who knows!

  4. I have yet to learn to tat! It is on my to do list but TAST is keeping me pretty busy. Your dorset button looks great! I have to try my hand making one of those too!