Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday finishes

I have at last finished my June and July
 CQJP2013 use this for a link 
Most of the stitches used are from Sharon at pintangle link here
June used a variety of stitches relating to chain stitch.
Basque, tulip, zigzag chain, zigzag detached chain, crested chain, 2 attempts at buttonholed double chain.  
close up
July the stitch theme chosen was cretan with a few others thrown in. I actually designed some of the seams on paper and I think that has produced a better design. The stitches are starting to improve as well.
cretan, laced cretan, ........  star, detached chain and french knots to decorate between the cretan stitches.

Top laced cretan right  2 rows of cretan, left star.

I am trying to link this to Pippa's Patch  we just share the same name blog here
She is hosting  "TGIFF" with a prize from  sewsweetness. 

Fingers crossed this has only taken me 2 hours to write........


  1. ohhh it worked, thanks for linking up and your stitching looks ace, your so much more patient than me. :)

  2. Very nice stitches! I like that you used different colours on the same seam.

  3. Hurrah Pippa!! I finished the last tow as well :D - yours are just beautiful :) mine are a tad rushed looking, but are done! need to post them to the blog....:)

  4. like you I had trouble with buttonholed double chain but you were successful I still have not worked out how to do it. I also follow Pippa`s blog