Monday, 26 August 2013

Chair finished

Well a few days late but here is what I have been working on.
It was a chair that belonged to a much loved Great Aunt and boy is it comfortable. 
This is what it looked like at the beginning of the week.
All needs to be sanded and polished

The canvas was torn and faded.

Finished chair. I sanded the woodwork and polished it with a home made mixture of beeswax mixed with sunflower oil and lavender oil. The recipe did say extra virgin olive oil but I used the last bit yesterday, so used what I had and it looks and feels wonderful. 
This how it closes up and takes up no room at all. Sent a photo of it to my sister and she said I should have not have used a predominately white fabric as it will get dirty, that was all she said. I like it white.
My son goes back to Australia tomorrow evening I will take him to Gatwick Airport. He and his girlfriend have been in London all day today went up to the Carnival, still waiting for them to come home. 
Wednesday I will busy myself with washing and cleaning as that is what I do when I am stressed and I will be until I get an e mail to say they are safe in Australia 24 hour journey. My house will be sparking. I may try a bit of sewing not sure what to do next.
Hope you all had a good weekend.  


  1. What a fantastic job you did Pippa!! The chair looks terrific all oiled up and your chair cover looks great. Sorry that in my last comment I thought you were working on a quilt. Hope you won't be too stressed and find another sewing project to help keep you calm aftet all the house work.

  2. chair has turned out wonderfully Pippa, never mind what your sister said! you will get great pleasure form sitting in it.I wish him a safe journey it is a long flight lets hope they will be able to sleep.I think you have mentioned in the past that you have skype which brings you a little closer than emails and letters. Things will be strange for you at first, wonder if you will start talking to yourself like I do.

  3. Hi Pippa, I love the chair and the fabric is great, it must be huge wrench when your son leaves, chin up sweetheart, keep busy and he will soon arrive back in Australia safe and sound

    Jill x

  4. beautiful chair Pippa!! I like the white pattern you picked! it is so cheery and bright - and I like the little village of houses on it :) cleaning is a win - win solution isn't it ?! :D