Monday, 12 November 2012

Tast catching up and CQJP
 This is my August block with my August stitches.
  I know I am way behind but will catch up promise. 
 Cast on stitch, Pekinese, Linked double chain and Sheaf stitch which ended up looking like little butterflies flying up the quilt.
It was looking a bit bear top left so I crochet a little flower. 
Sharon has said that Tast will continue after this year so check out her web site not just for the wonderful tast stitches but for everything else she shares.


  1. Very nice stitching Pippa and you're right,all the sheaf stitches do look like butterflies flying up your crazy quilt block :)

  2. what a great idea to use the stitches for each month on your blocks Pippa you will soon catch up and then there is next year to do such busy bees we are.