Thursday, 22 November 2012

I had a brilliant day today.

I teach a group of students with learning difficulties on a Thursday morning. 
 This is a young lady who has never used a sewing machine before. In 3 weeks she has managed to make a patchwork bag. I showed her how to cut the fabric, what a 1/4 inch seam was and I changed the settings from straight to zig zag.
 This is what the finished bag looked like I did have to pin the pieces together otherwise it was all her work. 
These are two pots that she made earlier in the term she made them all herself I fired and glazed them she seems to pick up anything to do with her hands. She struggles with life in general. 3 weeks was the longest I have ever managed to keep her on one project. 
 Sometimes it is worth while getting out of bed in the morning. 


  1. that's such a worthwhile thing for you to do, well done !! the bag looks really good, is she pleased with it ?

  2. yes Pippa, learning difficulties, mental health problems being creative seems to help these sufferers, my daughter with mental health issues is doing paper crafts, encaustic art and painting on glass and is so creative, she seems so much more positive when doing this sort of thing so encourge her all I can
    Good for you it must be so rewarding and to make that bag having never used a machine before, wonderful. As for pottery well I never achieved one thing at school was hopeless!!

  3. How wonderful and caring you are. To help someone be creative and bring them joy must be so very rewarding.