Sunday, 8 July 2012

Tast week 27
Bonnet Stitch

Bonnet Stitch I really loved doing this stitch it is very similar to herringbone. Another reason for liking it is that the thread used is nearly all on show not a lot on the back. I have been brought up to utilise all that I can and to not waste anything, and to me when there is so much thread on the back that cannot be seen is just a waste. I know it makes for lovely stitches and a lot of beautiful stitches you can do nothing else.
 Close up of the stitch using wool. The pink is doubling over and it becomes quite a different stitch. Also learnt that by making the top stitch bigger and the bottom stitch smaller it changes again. Loved it.

Thanks Sharon for another lovely stitch that I can add to my achivements. Tast link  take-a-stitch-tuesday here  

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  1. love reading your comments on your blog Pippa, good sample of the bonnet stitch, like you I was new to it and found I rather liked it.

  2. How lucky you and Margaret are to like the stitch. To me it was a true challenge! I love your spiral, it reminds me of a shell. As you say, when worked on top of another row of stitches you get a totally new look. Well done!

  3. Nicely done Bonnet Stitch and a great idea to put some on top of the other. Gives a neat effect to the piece :)