Sunday, 1 July 2012

Tast week 26
Palestrina stitch.
 I really enjoyed this stitch. 
I have been wanting to make pictures with my stitches but do not have the experience to see a stitch and think that it will make a nice outline for a leaf or a seahorse. Queenie here is a link to queeniepatch suggested starting simple so here are my 3 circles.
There have been some stunning work done with this stitch check it out here on Sharons pintangle site.

 This is a side view I like how this has been raised off the fabric. Do not know if this is what is supposed to happen but it is a different effect.

I have also posted on stitchin fingers site so will see if I can link to that as well stitchinfingers will try this out fingers crossed 
Still learning how to blog it is getting better slowly.

Thank you everyone for all the encouragement that I get on my blog



  1. Hi Pippa, I love this stitch, you are learning so much with TAST, do they do this course regularly or is it just a one off?


  2. Oh, Pippa!
    How kind of you to mention me on your blog. I love your design and look forward to what you'll do next. Keep it simple and let it grow.
    Yes, the Palestrina can 'stand up', especially if you have long strands between the knots. It makes an interesting, structured look.
    You are doing great on the blogging front, as well, and I am so happy to read your kind comments on everyone's effort over at SF.
    All the best.

  3. the palestrina stitches are wonderful! thank you so much for coming by my blog. Pippa - your blog is looking lovely, and it is a pleasure to read - you have added great links, and I like the different photo shots :)

  4. Pippa - thank you for coming by my blog :) your blog is going very well - your links are great and your Palestrian stitch work looks so pretty - the simple shapes show up very well and highlight the different lengths of the stitch. Again, you encourage me a lot by your blog and your explanations - and on SF too :) I am thankful to know you, Queenie, all the folks on SF, TAST, & blogging

  5. Thank you Pippa for vising my blog and leaving your kind and encouraging comments. Your pictures and blog posts are very nicely done. The Palestrina stitch was a new one for me as well & I really like the texture and raised look it has. Have a lovely day!