Saturday, 5 January 2013

Work in Progress
It is my sisters 60th birthday this month and she wanted a "picture" to hang on the wall. I tried drawing a landscape scene, but I am no artist. So I did my usual thing, trawl the internet for inspiration. I found  on you tube  "Alicia Merrett: Contemporary Art Quilt"  I liked it so decided to have a go. 
First Attempt

Putting them on a orange/red sheet to show what it would look like with a small amount of complimentary colour, it does lift it.
That was yesterdays attempts and this is todays.
  Still do not think it is quite right so I started to add a bit of colour in the middle. Still not right so re looked at the you tube and I have been taking the log cabin to far. So I will have another go tomorrow.


1 comment:

  1. Pippa this is coming along a treat, I do like the turquoise/blue and orange/yellow together and think it just great the way it is, your sister will love it.